On your arrival we will discuss your goals and can offer a mini MOT at the start and finish of your camp.

A typical day could be…

  • 7:30am
    • Energy Juice
  • Stretch
    • Morning stretches — waking up the muscles and getting the body ready for the day's activities.
  • 9:00am
    • Buffet breakfast
  • Mountain or road bike
    • Depending on individuals goals this can be from 2 — 6 hours.
  • 1:00pm
    • Lunch (this can be taken as a packed lunch for long rides)
  • Swim
    • Taken to the local pool for a technique and swim session offering one to one coaching and stroke analysis.
  • Free time
    • Relax.
  • Run session
    • Run session off road looking at stride and cadence planning hour rate zones.
  • Free time
    • Relax.
  • Massage
    • * Additional cost for massages
  • 7pm
    • Dinner

This is just a taster of the activities we have planned for you and every day will be different and will offer you new challenges which will push you further than you thought you could go.

We also offer a range of strength and tone classes which can be worked into your daily programme.

We also offer fully catered holidays without coaching and for these clients we can offer route maps, advice on run trails and support on long rides.

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